The Hidden Secrets of Martial Arts

All the literature and scientific research information on the martial arts world, I have included very easy to understand from beginners to advanced level.

As you all understand the public has a growing interest in martial arts in every town to city or country. Today, there are about 250 countries which are practicing martial arts worldwide, Chinese style, Japanese style, Korean style, Russian style, Philippines style, Thailand style, Indianstyle, European style are also growing worldwide. This book is helpful to all styles of martial arts worldwide to improve their kicking speed, power punch, stamina, endurance, skill, sparring techniques and various other standards of fitness and flexibility, agility and mind power to achieve world level competitions and Olympic events in martial arts. Every technique is unique. Top coaches, fitness trainer, Physios, and psychologist and various styles of martial arts grandmasters have shared the winning secrets with me. Every chapterI technique I teaching method in this book is backed by the latest research, translated by me into plain English. Breakthrough methods developed from Elite training programs are made available to you through this book. Real and practical training for improving martial arts performance and avoiding injury, with clear illustrations, step by step workouts, exerciseand advanced level of martial arts skillscoupled with world champion techniques are incorporated in this book for you. This is a rare book on the martial arts fitness.

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