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Archaeological Exploration of Rajasthan


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History of Rajasthan is always an interesting and also a debatable matter throughout the phases of time. Now, Rajasthan’s historical past and cultural heritage attract more people than ever, many non history lovers also found this place interesting due to their diversity in every aspect of history, culture, geographical and geological nature. Various universities and institutions now offered full time degree and diploma courses on history of Rajasthan. But the books prescribed in the syllabus like Col. Tod’s Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, old published texts and journals about historic heritage of Rajputana, and other excavation articles of ASI, which were beyond the reach of students. Then I wrote this book entitled “Archaeological Exploration of Rajasthan” – beginning to 1200 AD, for the students of History and Archaeology, especially Rajasthan’s History. Through this book I tried to explain and re-constructing the history of Rajasthan from the origin of mankind to dawn of civilization till 1200 AD, through the Archaeological sources, discoveries, excavations and surveys and evidences. This book hopefully satisfies some of the queries of general readers also, about the ancient past of Rajasthan.

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Dr. Mohammad Firoz Khan


Namya press




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