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Pallavi Prakash Kumar

Pallavi Prakash Kumar is a young parent, an IT engineer, a writer, and a blogger. She lives with her small family in Delhi, her husband Prakash and her little learner Pratham. She is a dreamer, and she enjoys weaving merry memories with Pratham & Prakash. She is also a firm believer of the philosophies of selflove and self-healing as propounded by Lousie Hay and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, who talks about the laws of attraction and how to make them work to your advantage. In her free time, she likes to walk herself into the ‘lands of nowhere and everywhere’, sailing seamlessly in the sea of words stitching tales. She prefers expressing herself through writings as opposed to verbalizing. She likes reading and writing poetry. She also likes to read and write on the topics of parenting, and she shares her parenting tips and tales on her blog Her children’s books - ‘Pratham, Mum and Teeny Tiny Tales’ & ‘Pratham, Mum and the City’- are equally engaging and thought-provoking. The books are available online, do check them out.